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General rules:
a)     In reviewing projects, special weighting will be given to those projects carried out by clubs of in an innovative and outstanding nature.
b)     Consideration will also be given to the size of the club in judging points.
c)     Less prominence will be given to projects which would be considered to be part of the normal program of a Rotary club.
d)     Participation by external organizations is no barrier, but the primary organizer must be the Rotary Club.
e)     With the exception of the Significant Achievement Award category, an on-going project can be re-submitted every year for its respective category.
f)     A project can be submitted under multiple catagories if appropriate.
g)     Unless indicated otherwise, events should have occurred between 9th February 2018 (last year’s closing date) and 28th February 2019 (this year’s closing date).  For major events and projects, it is ok if it has started earlier, but it must have been completed at least for the first time in the current year.

Closing Date: 12 noon, Thursday 28th February 2019.

Please forward all entries (preferably in electronic format) to:-

District Awards Committee Chairman,
Alan Weston
(M) 0418 664 712
Email: *protected email*
Postal Address: 54 Stanley Street, Maclean NSW 2463

This new award combines the Best Bulletin and Best Website/Social Media Awards. With the approval of the District Governor, the committee has decided to recognize that many clubs give increased emphasis on the electronic media and publish their members’ and public information exclusively on their Websites and via Social Media (Facebook, Instagram etc).  However, the new award still recognizes the efforts being made across the spectrum.

Club Communication is not just important to keep members informed of what is coming up or what has happened. It is also one of the most important aspects of attracting potential members and retaining existing members. Accordingly, this aspect is considered very important.

The award will be weighted according to the coverage of

·   Club Bulletin:            30%
·   At least the last 10 issues of the club bulletin should be accessible from the Club’s Website.
·   Club Website:           30%
·   Club Social Media     40%
Total                          100%

Major emphasis must be on communication relating to the club rather than regurgitating articles from other publications. Naturally, articles may summarize happenings in the District and Rotary internationally, but this should just be a brief summary with a link shown to the full article elsewhere. For example, do urge members to attend the District Conference, give a brief summary of where and when, and prominently display a direct link to the relevant page on the District Website.

Of equal importance is the reporting of upcoming events, in particular major projects, not just reports of a historical nature.

You must indicate your club’s intention to compete: Electronic media must not only be attractive and informative, it also must be regularly maintained.  Thus, clubs who wish to compete for this award should indicate their intention no later than Monday 10th December 2018. The Award Committee will frequently check on how well the sites are maintained and will accordingly rate them throughout the year.

Computed on a formula based on the percentage of the club membership attending the Conference and relating distance travelled. The organizing club(s) does not qualify. No entry required.

Awarded to the club that has the greatest percentage increase in membership from 1st January to 31st December 2018. The figures are entirely based on membership reported on the RI data base. Corresponding membership dues must have been paid up to District by 31st December. No entry required.

Awarded to the club that has the most outstanding contribution to the program of The Rotary Foundation of RI for the period 1st January to 31st December 2018 based on the following factors:

a.      Contributions to the Foundation on a per capita basis and the number of benefactors as compared to the club membership will be major factors in judging this award.
b.      In addition, consideration will be given to the issues listed below subject to submission by clubs of their involvement in these programs:

i.     Involvement in Grants programs;
ii.     Involvement in GSE programs;
iii.     Usage of Alumni and current awardees.

Judged on the International Service programs (other than The Rotary Foundation).This will include programs in the RAWCS area – Project Volunteers, Project Funding, SWSL, DIK and RAM as well as other international programs of significance.

This award is to include environmental and other issues that would impact on the community. Projects are to be submitted by the club for judging.

This award recognises Vocational Excellence of the highest degree of an individual person.

a)     Nominations from Rotarians or non-Rotarians.
b)     Nominees must be associated with a Rotary Club in District 9640, or, if not associated, must live in the District and work, or (if retired), have practiced their vocation within the boundaries of this Rotary District.
c)     Must be a resident of Australia.
d)     Nominations must be accompanied by statements of qualifications and achievements of the person nominated.
e)     Persons nominated must have proven record of dedication and achievement in the pursuit of excellence of their vocation to the benefit of their fellow man and the community.
f)       Clubs are to nominate an awardee. Persons nominated must NOT be informed of their nomination until all applications have been considered by the Awards committee and the successful candidate/s advised.
g)     No person can receive the award more than once for the same project.

Projects related to activities the club has undertaken to

a)     Recognize and further vocational excellence in individuals
b)     Assist youth and/or unemployed people strategically to help them to become employed (planning of study, vocational guidance, goal setting, motivation etc.)
c)     Organization of events such as Career Expos
d)     Display and demonstration of member’s vocation to fellow members of the club

Emphasis will be given to the spread across the board rather than just an individual event.

Judged on a club’s projects and programs for and in support of youth right across the board including Student Exchange, Interact, RYLA, RYPEN and RYTS as well as other youth projects.

Presented to the club that has the best involvement with its Rotaract club. Applications should state involvement with Rotaract club, attendance by Rotarians and general fellowship and co-operation between both clubs including involvement in joint projects.

This award is based on club exhibits displayed at the District Conference mounted in the conference’s display area. It is only open to Rotary Clubs, not to individuals or other organizations.

Displays will be judged on the following basis:

Awarded to a club that has rendered the most significant assistance to the fund. Whilst prime weighting will be given to the per capita donations in the period 1st January to 31st December 2018, the following will also be taken into consideration:

a)     Innovative fund-raising projects.
b)     Effective public relations to raise community awareness of ARH.
c)     Specific activities that translate research into local projects.

This award is presented to the club which has the best involvement with its Interact Club. The application must state the involvement with the Interact club, attendance by Rotarians and fellowship, co-operation and co-ordination between the two clubs including involvement in joint projects and the extent of the encouragement and opportunity given to the Interactors by the Rotary club to give service in the future.

This award recognises the club which has generated the most increased awareness and understanding of Rotary through outstanding media coverage or public relations in a general manner. In particular, continued exposure in the local press or electronic media or multiple events and campaigns that demonstrably improve Rotary’s visibility and image within the community will be recognized.

This award recognises the club which has received the most outstanding public relations from a single event.

This award recognises projects or activities that do not satisfy the criteria for other District awards but perform a valuable function. For example, the raising of funds for general charitable works, projects of an entrepreneurial nature, activities that require extensive club participation or can be emulated by other clubs, or have significant PR value. It may also be awarded to an individual Rotarian who has given outstanding contribution to a Rotary program or programs.

The Premier District award for a single club. It recognises significant achievement/s of a club on the following criteria:

a)     Project should address a significant problem or need as manifested in, but not restricted to, the local community.
b)     Project should include most or all of the club membership in personal rather than merely monetary service.
c)     Project should be capable of emulation by clubs elsewhere.
d)     Project need not have been initiated in the current year but evidence must be attached showing that it is currently active or that it was terminated in the current Rotary year for which the award is to be given.
e)     No club may receive this award more than once for the same project.

The Premier District award for a group project of two or more Rotary clubs. Clubs don’t necessarily have to be neighbouring (but need to be in District 9640); for example, it may be a joint project involving a country area cooperating with a city area club.  The guidelines and criteria for the project or group of projects are similar to the Significant Achievement Award, but spanning the wider community:

a)     It must address a significant problem or need in either the local or international community or be designed to raise substantial funds to support one of the clubs’ projects or projects of Rotary International
b)     It must include most or all of the clubs’ membership in personal rather than merely monetary service and thus create ‘pride of ownership’ for the participating clubs’ members
c)     It should involve individuals, corporations and/or community groups other than Rotary members or clubs
d)     It must have generated substantial Public Relations exposure and served to attract potential new members
e)     It should be capable of emulation by clubs elsewhere.
f)       It need not have been initiated in the current year but evidence must be attached showing that it is currently active or that it was terminated in the current Rotary year for which the award is to be given.
g)     No group of clubs may receive this award more than once for the same project.