Display Booth Application

House of Friendship

Rotary Club Display Application Form

If your Club has a project or activity that you wish to advertise or promote, this will be a great opportunity to get your message out to other Rotarians and/or the Tenterfield region community.

Please note that no raffles or competitions can be conducted at any booth.

Skye Stapleton is your contact for all matters pertaining to the display booths including the layout and positioning of individual booths. Please email or post your completed application form to Skye, prior to the closing date, 21st February 2020.
Skye Stapleton – Booth Coordinator
Phone: 0409 072 772
House of Friendship Display Application Form for the 2020 Conference at Tenterfield may be downloaded and printed using the link below.
Download an Application Form  

Booking Closing Date:- The Closing Date for bookings for the House of Friendship Displays is 21st February 2020, or earlier if all available spaces are booked.

Letter to Club Presidents and Secretaries